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The tile is too light. Won’t the wind blow it away?

Yes, the tile is light but the total area which it covers is with a large mass. In addition, each tile can (and is recommended) to be nailed-up or screwed to the batten which it is placed on.

Is it suitable for changing the roofs of old houses?

Yes, it is even recommended due to its light weight which offers lightweight covering construction as well as keeping the already existing one if it is still suitable for use.

Isn’t it too expensive?

The price of the tile is comparable to the price of other kinds of tiles on the market. The advantage is that you will not have broken tiles during transport as well as during installation. Its technical life is longer compared to the other kinds of tiles which in the long run is a huge economy.

Won’t it bend due to high temperatures in the summer?

The tiles endure temperatures ranging from -65 to +250 degrees C without deforming. Due to these properties the tiles are suitable for countries with sudden and big temperature differences.

How do the UV lights influence the tiles?

The tiles are made of 70% sand and 30% polymer and 1% UV stabilized pigment. Despite the UV stabilized pigment, the ingredients of the sand do not allow the penetration of the rays in the inside of the tile which stores its strength.

With what can be the tiles cut?

The tiles can be cut in different shapes with a flex for cutting metal.


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