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Polymer-sand tiles
(декларация за съответствие)

  • Unbreakability
  • Frost- resistant 250 cycles ( 75 cycles for the rest of the range)
  • Weight-1.800kg
  • Durability (temperature influence) from -65 to +250 degrees C
  • 1500kg per cubic density
  • 150kg weight durability
  • 50 years of warranty
  • Do not absorb humidity
  • Do not keep snow


  • Tiles Classic- 9.5 tiles/m2
  • Tiles Wave- 9 tiles/m2
  • Tiles Marseille- 14tiles/m2

In these tiles the concrete (in the role of a connecting substance) is replaced by polyethylene polymer. The other ingredients are sand and colour additives. The mixture of the output is melted and afterwards is pressed into the final products. These products have numerous advantages. The mass of a square meter of the polymer-sand tiles is two times less that the mass of the ceramic and concrete-sand ones. This allows the roof area to be lightened up. A roof made out of polymer-sand tiles can be easily washed. The material cannot be influenced by microorganisms or light acids. One very valuable quality of these tiles is their crash resistance. Due to the content of polymer they do not break during transportation, installation or falling from heights. The polymer-sand tiles are resistant to sudden climate changes as well as to photo-acidic aging caused by sun rays. They are water resistant and have good sound and thermal properties. Their low diathermancy ensures good temperature regimen under the roof area even without the use of additional materials. The polymer-sand tiles are suitable for roof slops raging from 22 to 80 degrees. Each tile can endure pressure to no more than 150kg. The wide range of colours of these tiles makes them applicable to omnifarious projects.

It is possible a slight tint in the colour to appear due to the fact that for the production of the tiles is used RECYCLED PLASTIC ONLY.


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